Creating a new project

Creating a new project is, for now, restricted to Administrators of Jeto. By clicking on the Administration link in the menu, you will find the Projects administration page in the sidebar.


Right now Jeto runs the vagrant-worker with root privileges. This is a major security issue if you run Jeto with multi-tenants accounts, but should be fine if you run it within your entreprise only with trusted projects. You can find the outstanding issue here :

Clicking the Create a new project button will bring a nice little popup asking the following information:


Can be anything. Will be used by your users when creating a new instance, listing or filtering all the instances.


You have the choice between using Git or Direct path. If using Git, enter the git repository URL. If the project is not public and needs specific ssh keys, it needs to be done manually. Find the machine running the vagrant-worker (the same machine running Jeto, by default) and put the keys under the root account.

Direct path

If you specify a path here, it will be suggested to the user creating a new instance with this project.